QR Codes, Realtors, and Email Marketing.

Real Estate Brokers and agents are some of the coolest people to work with when it comes to technology. Mainly because I think they know it works, but also because they are usually quite sales driven and are always looking for new ideas they can integrate into their daily marketing.

Why having a team is important in web development.

I’ve seen a lot of pretty bad websites out there, especially in the “local business” realm. It got me to thinking how so many have probably been burned and received some chop shop type solution for these websites. But at the end of the day, we really only get what we pay for. If you […]

What does a Front-End Website Developer do?

The answer to this question varies from business to business and mainly depends on resources, budget, size, and how they communicate their website development needs. I sometimes refer to myself as a “Front-End Web Developer” or “Front-End Engineer” so this is how I will explain it in this article. One thing to realize is that […]

What qualifies as web content?

If you read my last blog post on why you need content, then this post is a great follow up. In this post I will just give a few ideas about what qualifies as web content and you can take it from there. In case you have never heard the phrase “content is king” then […]

You need more web content, in a variety of mediums

Recently I wrote a proposal to help develop some content for a website. As I pushed off the send button I wondered how my proposal would be interpreted. Would the value be seen, or would it just seem like an expensive and annoying task that needed to be done? So, I thought now would be […]