Real Estate Brokers and agents are some of the coolest people to work with when it comes to technology. Mainly because I think they know it works, but also because they are usually quite sales driven and are always looking for new ideas they can integrate into their daily marketing.

Don’t overlook the simplicity of email as a tool to provide value.

When it comes to email marketing, most brokers and agents seem like they overlook it or take the wrong route and do things such as purchase the same “JUST LISTED” eblast that every other agent in their city is doing. I’m sure these work to an extent but it is not the type of email marketing I am referring to.

I look at email and autoresponders as more of tool to help automate the follow up you do, TO MORE PROSPECTS by sharing your real knowledge and personal message, without needing to continually ‘hound’ your contacts on the phone for their business.

Who are you? What is your USP?

Chances are, if I’m new to an area I don’t know you. And even if I am local, how do I know who you are? What do you specialize in? How can you help me today, or in the future?

Teach me, stay in touch, and I’ll remember what you do. I would read your newsletter if it taught me some numbers, strategies, and real life examples. I would also share your email newsletter with my friends and everyone I know if it has value.

Do you specialize in foreclosures?

How about a 10 part email series educational series…
“Best programs to save your home in foreclosure” or “How to sell your home at the bottom of the market and still come out ahead in the next 5 years” ….

Just basic ideas.

Local Area Expert?

Another example that comes to mind would be to use email marketing to become the EXPERT in your area by providing regular email newsletters that might provide short and succinct summaries to your contact list. This could be the local happenings in the area… not only with Real Estate, but also fun things to do in the neighborhood, nice places to eat, parks to visit, etc. The area you cover is where your prospects live, or may want to live… why not help them get to know you AND the area better?

Easier than you think.

It is so easy now days to create a simple video to post on a blog… and with QR codes you can basically link up your print marketing and sign riders to mobile landing pages to collect names and email addresses specifically for this purpose. Stop losing leads just because you are behind the curve!

How much would this benefit you in positioning yourself to be a relocation expert? Obviously people can Google any type of information they want to find but I can almost guarantee if you gave away a “City Guide” or other type of opt-in report for the various areas you covered, and then posted regular videos or reviews of fun and local stuff to do it would help with both your local search engine placement, and help people get to know you and hear about the hidden gems in your local communities before they actually contacted or met you.

Segmenting helps you prioritize and organize your contacts.

The second thing I know that a lot of Realtors and Brokers may suffer from, is information overload. And many of them have more contacts than they know what to do with sometimes.

By using an email marketing software that allows you to create list segments, you will be able to hone in and improve your email follow ups more effectively. I’m sure you keep lists of buyers, potential sellers, other realtors or referral sources. But how often do you reach out to ALL of them? If you do get through your call list… are you reaching everyone? What could this do for your time and reach?

Finally, let’s not forget that if you are a broker that runs a busy shop, and you frequently need to spend time training new people on your policies, or sending out internal messages to staff…

Are that these tasks that could be scheduled and even automated with email software?

Get in touch and let’s chat more about how email could help you.

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