If you read my last blog post on why you need content, then this post is a great follow up.

In this post I will just give a few ideas about what qualifies as web content and you can take it from there.

In case you have never heard the phrase “content is king” then now would be a good time to do a little research and dive into the world of copywriting. There is actually a better term which is “copy is king”.

Basically content will be created from the copy you create. But what exactly qualifies as content?

Some great content you could consider would be …

As you can see it can be a lot.

No successful company has achieved success without some form of advertising copy.

It’s no different on the web, except you can actually get your message out there to more people for less money and in a shorter period of time. Which is exactly the reason why you need to develop content for your small business.

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