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Mobile Websites for Retail

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Mobile Marketing Brings You
Customers Like No Other Media

Use mobile marketing to grow your customer base and increase your revenues.

You don’t need to hear from us how big mobile is – just look around.

If you are remotely interested in using the power of mobile marketing to increase your Retail Store customers – I invite you to watch the video above.

We can help you with the following, all of which will make you money.

• Create a mobile-friendly website that can be found and viewed online by mobile phone searchers
• Mobile coupons that will help fill your store on slower days
• Develop SMS, or text message, based loyalty campaigns.
• Build your reputation online – specifically in review sites where customers actually look!

Many people will stay within 3 feet of their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and use their phone to do email and play games while they wait. Many rely on their mobile phones to help them make decisions about where to spend money on dining out.

We can help you stay in front of this trend and add both customers and sales to your bottom line.

If you are ready to take the next step, like what you see and hear in the video, please send me an email or call direct at (949) 328-7603.

Just have a look at these astonishing facts!

Local Search Numbers:

  • 3 billion searches each month are for local-based keywords (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 1 in every 3 Google searches from mobiles are local (Google, CITA Wireless 2010)
  • Half of all Bing mobile searches are local (Bing, CITA Wireless 2011)
  • 30% of all restaurant searches are from a mobile device (Google Mobile blog)
  • 40% of all Google Maps traffic is from mobile phones (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • Google Maps has 150 million mobile users (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 90% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones (Pew Research Center, 2011)
  • 86% of all online searchers use local search to find businesses (Kelsey Group)

Local Consumer Behavior

  • 90% of searchers perform some offline follow up with businesses they find online
  • 61% of online local searches result in an offline purchase (TMP/ comScore)
  • 88.2 million US adults have redeemed an online coupon either online or offline (eMarketer)

Businesses Behavior When It Comes to Local Search and Consumers

  • Only 27% of businesses surveyed have optimized their site for local search (Marketing Sherpa)
  • Out of the 50 million Google Places profiles, only 4 million businesses have claimed their profile
  • 17% of the total marketing spend for small businesses will be spent on online marketing in 2011 (BIA Kelsey, 2011)
  • 9% of small businesses surveyed said they felt satisfied with their Internet marketing efforts (Webvisible-Nielsen, 2009)
  • 52% of small business owners surveyed indicated that the phone book was not at all useful to them as a business owner

Email or call direct at (949) 328-7603.