Our project success is dependent on me understanding the problem your website needs to solve.

Therefore, the first place that I propose that we start before any new project is to do a little research and discovery.

Competitive Analysis

This will include a competitive analysis of at least your top 3­-5 competitors and include analyzing these competitor’s website content, reviewing their seo structure, and gathering insights into their social media presence. It would also include doing some analysis of possible PPC ads these competitors may be running, or websites they are receiving backlinks from.

Once we gather this data, then we would proceed to identify key areas of improvement such as opportunities to provide better content, opportunities to rank better for valuable keywords, different types of content that could be produced to enhance marketing, and possible websites to target paid advertising on.

Data Analysis

In this research and discovery phase I propose that we also do an analysis of your websites and marketing funnel. This would include gathering analytics and mapping out a diagram of the current flows the website has ­ including landing pages, sign up forms, current marketing processes, and any other useful information such as current ad strategies, top referral sources and exit pages.


Once the data above is gathered, then we will ask a series of questions to determine how your online presence compares to the top competitors, and what exactly we can do better for improvement.

This will include determining what we like and want to keep, getting rid of things that are creating blocks or frustrations, adding new features to enhance the user experience, and finding ways to make the site and content more “shareable”.

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