For Real Estate Agents in the South Orange County California area I offer a variety of web and technical support services. Managing your website and technology and making it all work together can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if your time is better spent working with clients.

I’m here to help make your technology challenges a little easier.

Custom Website Development, Design, & Redesign

If you are a Real Estate Broker or Agent that is in the market to have a website designed from scratch because you have started a real estate company, are in the process of changing companies, or feel that your site is outdated and could perform better then please get in touch.

Some specific Real Estate website projects I’m open to working on would include:

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Custom Graphic Design

There are no shortage of generic tools out there for agents to create low-cost cookie cutter fliers and other marketing materials. But, if you would rather have a custom package designed & crafted then you will find my services may be just what you need. Consistent branding between online and offline materials is key for marketing campaigns to stand out and have some impact.

WordPress Training/Consulting

Do you prefer to manage your own website content updates or do you have a WordPress blog but are not really sure how to use it? This is where I can help. In short one-on-one training sessions that last approximately 1-2 hours per session, I will teach you how to maximize the use of your WordPress based website and go over such topics as:

Website Maintenance

Once you have a website up and running it does require some basic ongoing maintenance to make sure your online marketing efforts are maximized and your site runs in tip top shape. For example if you decide to use a CMS such as WordPress, they release occasional security updates that need to be installed. While some of these updates may only take a few minutes to do each month, it is still important that you keep up to date. I’ve found that most Real Estate agents get very busy and tend to not keep up to date on their website maintenance.

Some examples of website maintenance may be:

Technical Support

I can also offer support for a variety of tools and common technical issues that agents may come across. For example I have found that a lot of real estate agents will sign up for marketing tools such as flier eblasts or email marketing tools but never get around to using them because of the learning curve.

Some areas of technical support I may be helpful:

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My hourly rate rate is $65/hr, however I will always give you a quote before we start any project.
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