Hello, my name is Nathan Bray.

Thank you for your taking your time to be here. I’m a front-end developer that cares deeply about user experience. I help small businesses design conversion focused websites and digital marketing funnels so that they can maximize their existing resources and generate more leads.

If you are interested in discussing how to work together, please let’s schedule a time to talk.

Active Life

Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Family

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Results Driven

When we work together, you can expect to receive a great website that is not only mobile friendly, but also solutions that boost customer acquisition and retention.

The problem with traditional web design solutions is they are based on assumptions. You should avoid working with designers or developers who just assume they know what is best for your business, or that create giant scopes of work that focus on technical jargon, billable hours, and winning design awards. This results in huge upfront costs, that often go over budget and take up your time and resources. Only to leave you stuck with a pretty website that doesn’t really do anything. It’s a high risk relationship where someone usually loses.

The solution is to use a value driven design approach. What this means is that you can expect to receive a great looking, mobile friendly website. But together we will also prioritize decisions that allow us to quickly launch, test, and improve your solution over time. Rather than taking on a 40 page site and building everything from scratch, we will locate immediate opportunities to leverage resources within your business that already exist, and gain some quick wins. We learn from those wins, and then iterate and improve over time. This is an agile approach that lowers risk and enables you to stay on budget and reinvest for more and bigger wins.

Over time, you end up with a website that functions first as a sales tool, but that also looks great.


Strengths are in front-end, design, and digital strategy. While I will not claim to be a “full-stack” developer – I do work through problems, learn quickly, and have had experience with many different tools, software, and tech over the years. Motivated and hard working. Value integrity, positive attitude, team work, communication, and living a good life.

Below are a few areas that I am able to navigate confidently and be of value:

MORE IMPORTANTLY: I will listen, pay attention, and learn about what matters to YOU and your business.