47 Point Homepage Optimization Checklist

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Did you know that 80% of Websites Fail
to Produce Any Leads or ROI?

Can you believe that!!? 80% of website’s failing is horrible!

Which is the exact reason I’m giving you the checklist. Because I want to change all that.

Before you dive into fixing your website, it’s important to understand WHY it’s not working in the first place…

Because it’s not actually what you think. It’s not the platform, it’s not where it’s hosted, or the fact that you can host it anywhere.

It’s not the design either, which might surprise you… (There’s plenty of dog ugly sites that are making a killing!)

New websites going live today STILL fail to produce leads because they don’t have a proper strategy.

That’s it. It’s the strategy.

I know this work can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know which tips to implement first.

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