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Purchasing prepaid hours are best if you are uncertain as to the details of your urgent projects, but are willing to commit a minimum budget and retain priority service for up to a 30 day period.

Hours expire 30 days from purchase and scheduling is limited to a maximum of 10 hours per week.

This structure guarantees (and encourages) a level of commitment and certainty for both myself and you as the client and also helps to prevent overbooking or “cramming” all hours into a single week with unplanned tasks.

Hours are billed in 15 minute increments against payment and may be used for any combination of:

  • phone and email consulting
  • discovery and planning sessions
  • scheduled calls and meetings
  • small website fixes
  • rough UI design drafts
  • website or messaging copy edits
  • website migrations or cloning
  • WordPress maintenance and backups
  • analytics reporting, analysis
  • research and personalized tutorials
  • proposals and estimates for larger projects
  • etc.


At the end of your 30 day period, you will be provided a spreadsheet report of the tasks completed.

Hours may be purchased at a rate of $175/hr and are available in blocks of 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours.

There is not a month to month commitment, however retainer agreements are available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are hours pre-paid, and not paid after the work is done?

A: Actually I would prefer not to charge by the hour, and instead bill a flat rate for each project. However, not everyone who asks for my help is certain what they want, or they may have many small tasks that are difficult to quote. I’ve also found that random requests are not only inefficient, but I’m also not always in a position to prioritize these tasks due to other commitments. Random requests create distractions and eat up time which prevent us from putting in 100% focus on active projects. Random post-paid requests also create a lot of uncertainty and elevated risk for me as a consultant.

Prepaid hours enable you to have a little more flexibility by making a commitment up front, and you will have priority access to my time for up to 30 days.

Q: Why do the hours “expire” after 30 days?

A: This has to do with commitments. The last thing that I want to do is hold you hostage in a long term contract, and I also don’t want to be overcommitted moving forward. My goal is for us to make the most of our time and budget and create a sense of urgency to accomplish the tasks at hand and move on to the next project.

There is a minimum 10 hour commitment, but I encourage you to NOT purchase more hours than you think you will need for the next 30 days.

Q: Why am I only allowed up to 10 hours per week?

A: This has to do with planning and scheduling. I often work with more than one client at a time and must be fair to everyone I am engaged with. I’ve found that 10 hours per week for each client is usually sufficient for most projects and also encourages us to think and plan ahead by scheduling weekly status calls and milestones.

Of course if you have a large or urgent project that may require a deadline, then we can discuss a per project rate.

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