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For small to midsize companies that need assistance with the responsibilities that are performed by a Digital Project Manager, but are not ready to hire for a full time role… 

Benefits of a Digital Project Manager

Most business owners and staff are often not entirely sure what they want, or even need, to make stuff happen in their digital world – such as seeing web design projects or online marketing campaigns through from beginning to end. 

A digital project manager alleviates these responsibilities from the business owners and key staff so they are able to focus their time and energy on core business functions and still make progress with their web and digital projects.

Each company has a different need. My roles as a digital project manager are complex and require a unique skillset. Below is a list of roles & responsibilities that I can perform as your digital project manager, which will bring value to your organization.

  • Architect a digital strategy, and coordinate the supporting solutions.
  • Identify the technology, software, or resources required to achieve goals.
  • Map out project plans, scope, and budget. Schedule milestones. 
  • Utilize agile project management workflows and software such as Excel, Google Sheets, LucidChart, JIRA, Trello, Monday, Asana etc. to collaborate and track progress.
  • Cross department communication – Act as the glue between designers, developers, and stakeholders. Share your vision, mentor, and lead junior team members.
  • Audit and organize current digital assets such as photography, video, graphic design elements, style guides, web properties, social media, interfaces, and software. 
  • Coordinate, and manage the creation of new design assets, style guides, website pages, blog content, webinars, email newsletters, ad campaigns, and other digital content. 
  • Manage version control, release notes, and release schedules.
  • Perform user tests, document UX issues, provide feedback, and suggestions.
  • Competitive analysis. Gather insights, track strategies, and suggest ideas for improvement based on market data.
  • Spearhead lead generation campaigns using pay per click and organic traffic strategies. 
  • Study analytics and develop dashboards to monitor KPIs and ROI for various digital projects. Use this data to uncover new insights and opportunities.
  • Design standard operating procedures, systems, and processes that enable your in-house team members to assume roles, and manage responsibilities.
  • Coordinate weekly or biweekly status meetings to report on progress.


Please schedule a discovery call if you have any questions. 

We will discuss the scope of work, and the value it will bring to your company such as:

  • Freeing up time to focus on your core strengths and business functions
  • Increasing the pace at which your web projects get done
  • Gaining valuable insights from analytics and competitive analysis
  • Finally getting your digital assets organized in an understandable manner
  • Potentially higher ROI from your company’s online marketing efforts


Price varies depending on the level of involvement, complexity, and duration of your project. 

a la carte options:

  • Digital Marketing Summary, Map
  • KPI Goals Worksheet
  • Roles & Responsibilities Worksheet
  • Project Management Portal Setup
  • 1 Written SOP + Visual Process Map
  • Ideal Customer Profile + Journey Map
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Messaging Campaign(s)
  • Webinar Slides Presentation
  • Keywords & Competitive Analysis
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
  • Google / YouTube Display Ad Setup
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaign Setup
  • Analytics Review & Reporting
  • Other Research Project or Estimate

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Digital Marketing Summary, Map, KPI Goals Worksheet, Roles & Responsibilities Worksheet, Project Management Portal Setup, 1 Written SOP + Visual Process Map, Ideal Customer Profile + Journey Map, Landing Page Optimization, Messaging Campaign(s), Webinar Slides Presentation, Keywords & Competitive Analysis, Facebook Ad Campaign Setup, Google / YouTube Display Ad Setup, LinkedIn Ad Campaign Setup, Analytics Review & Reporting, Other Research Project or Estimate, Comprehensive Plan