Re-marketing with Facebook and Google Ads

So there are two things I’ve recently been studying that I think anyone who is interested in marketing their website should look into right now.

This is especially true if you are eager to get some traffic to your business right now.

1. Facebook Sponsored Posts
2. Google’s Retargeting Program

I have yet to try this for myself but I see some great opportunity here for those with a small marketing budget that also want to be consistent in staying in front of their website visitors and the people in their networks.

Why do I think it is important to check those out?

Well first of all the Facebook sponsored posts are a super simple way to keep your ad in front of people that have liked your Facebook fan page posts or performed a checkin at your business. It’s very easy to create a post on your timeline, and then when individuals have “Liked” the status update you can choose to pay as little as $5 or $6 bucks to keep the post reappearing on their timeline and also as a suggested post on their friends timeline.

Here are a few good articles/resources on the topic:

Facebook Re-marketing

Second, the Google ads are very interesting because what retargeting does is that you can actually have your ad “follow” users around as they browse websites such as YouTube or others that feature AdSense.

When I say “follow” what I mean is that in your AdWords account and in Analytics you would enable “retargeting”. You are then given a little piece of Javascript to insert on to your website which allows you to cookie the user who has visited your site. Since you have “retargeting” enabled in your AdWords account, your ads will then magically reppear to your website visitors while they are on other websites.

If you have ever felt that eerie feeling that you were seeing an awful lot of ads from recent brand websites that you have visited, this would most likely be an advertiser participating in retargeting.

Google Re-marketing

Here are some useful links to review for remarketing with Google:

Let me know what you think…

Can you see some value in these tips? How about using Facebook to drive traffic to your website to view a simple blog post other content, offers, etc. and then later have those same visitors that have left your site see your ad while they are watching a YouTube video? Your ad could even drive them back to an inviting Facebook community.

Tremendous opportunities are here to stay in touch with your prospective customers and users.

Don’t let them slip by.

Best of luck to you!